Your live gear?


PRS S2 Starla

 Tokai Japanese Telecaster

 Reverend Eastsider S

 EVH 5150 III (Lunchbox)

Peavey 2x12 Cab

 Keeley, Digitech, Black Country Customs, TC Electronics pedals (amongst others)


Musical influences? 




 Opeth (Still Life era)

 Jeff Buckley

 Black Sabbath


 Frank Zappa

 Return To Forever

 The Carpenters



Favourite Albums? 


Queen - Any of the first 5 albums

 Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast

 Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute

 Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Tom Waits - Alice


Favourite films? 


The Exorcist


 Withnail and I

 Let The Right One In

 Fire Walk With Me


Favourite director? 


David Lynch


Favourite TV Show? 


Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead were awesome but nothing comes close to Twin Peaks 


Favourite Book? 


True Crime / Serial Killer books 


Favourite Guitarist / Keyboardist? 


Brian May / Dinu Lipatti


CD / TAPE / VINYL or Streaming? 


Minidisc was the best format. But that died on its arse, so CD or Streaming (as long as its higher than 320kbps!)


Favourite Artist? 


John Martin 


Favourite Author? 


Bruce Robinson


Favourite type of Food? 




Favourite drink? 


Used to be the vin rouge but these days it's peppermint or black tea (I know, tragic...)


Most hated musical genre? 


Country / Gospel


Star sign? 




Cats or Dogs? 


Dogs. Cats are the Devil's spawn.


Guilty pleasure? 




In your spare time you... 




3 dinner guests alive or dead? 


Chopin, Billy Connolly, William Friedkin 


Favourite video game? 




What animal would you be and why? 


Mayfly - 24 hrs is more than enough for anyone


Favourite swear word? 




Bowie or Prince? 


Bowie. Prince is awful! 


Any pets? 


Kubrick the German Shepherd


When you were a kid what did you want to grow up to be? 


Classical Pianist 


What makes you lose your temper? 


Bad drivers 


Popcorn - sweet or salted? 




How do you take your coffee? 


Black as midnight on a moonless night 


Genesis - before or after Phil Collins? 




Most over rated band?